Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Egyptian museum


On travel sites, The Egyptian Museum is has a love/hate relationship with bloggers and commentators. Personally, I enjoyed it. I think its a perfect place to begin your trip to Cairo because it wil test your patience and capture your imagination, like everything else in Cairo.
You have to go through two layers of security. The cost to get in with student ID is 30 EGP. The guards may hassle you, unofficial "tour-guides" will try to charge you 50 EGP so that they can tell you wonderfully inaccurate stories of the artifacts, and if you want to see the mummy's, it's an additional 100 EGP. No map is provided when you get inside. The museum is dimly lit and the labels on the artifacts are vague. Also you are not allowed to bring a camera inside the museum....*cough cough*....
With that said, I had a great time just wandering around for hours on my own and looking at things I'd only seen in pictures. Like anything else here, it is what you make of it. The craftsmanship of the ancient Egyptians is impressive. The sheer size of some of the monuments is also breathtaking. The uses of gold, wood, color, iron and stone is intricate. Also, the number of artifacts preserved is amazing! I was under the impression that the intricate mummy coffin's were rare but the museum has tons of them, each one more impressive than the last!

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