Sunday, February 7, 2010

Mafish Mushkela (No problem!)


Eating out in Egypt is relatively inexpensive but my roommate and I went grocery shopping yesterday so that we can pack our lunch more often. We went to the Alpha-Mart,a grocery store, in Dohi. I wasn't able to find ham, it was probably a long shot anyway. I did get some salami and turkey breast. Afterward, my roommate wanted to go to the vegetable market to pick up some fresh veggies. Here she is bargaining at one stand.

American Fast food places deliver in most of the countries I've been to. Here is a pic of McD's, Hardy;s, and KFC's delivery scooters.

I road the metro yesterday! It was 1 EGP to ride. We sat in the middle cars that are reserved for only women on every train.

Things I've learned in Egypt Part 1: Hot showers are a luxury not a right....
You wouldn't believe the effort it takes to take a hot shower at our downtown apartment lol. We can't just hope into the shower and turn the knob. We have to first turn the water tank on until it's filled (about 15-20 mins). Afterward, we have to fiddle with the hot water heater switch until the temperature rises and the water's warm enough to shower in. Most of the time it will turn off before the water gets warm or it will stay on only for a few minutes before I have to begin the process all over again. It makes washing my hair pure joy.....There is that rare occassion when I'll get 15 minutes of uninterrupted hot water and it's nothing short of a miracle, el Humdu lillaah!Roommate 1 said, at her first Egyptian apartment, they had to warm the water over a stove. Roommate 2 said, at her first apartment, their hot water heater never seemed to work at all. In comparison, it makes me very thankful for what we have and all the things we take for granted in the USA.


Matt said...

At least you are in a hot place taking cold showers. When you have to take cold showers in the Andes then you can start complaining.

Frenchie said...

lol, it was actually relatively cold in the January (in the 50s and 60s)

Concept said...

Do you prefer to eat at the American fast foods? The pics of the scooters and delivery services are interesting

Frenchie said...

No, when in rome... I rarely eat fast food in America so I wouldn't travel halfway around the world for McD's. I'm trying to get a feel for the local cuisine and it'scheaper than the fast food. When I'm homesick, FF does serve as good comfort food though lol

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