Sunday, February 14, 2010

Swiss Club- Nightlife


Of course, I had to sample the nightlife here in Cairo! From what I've hard, the best time in Cairo is had off the scene. On Friday night, I visited the African ex-pat weekly party that alternatively held at the Swiss Club or the Swiss Inn. It started off as a place just for the African ex-pats but like jazz, rap, and everything else, as soon as other people found out how much fun the black people were having, they wanted in. In the end, it makes for a great multicultural party with a great variety of music!

**I went with a group of Somalians and met some of my classmates there. Because it's a packed room full of gyrating, sweaty people, you can imagine how the Egyptian men were behaving.I didn't even realize what was going on until some of my classmates complained about being groped and pinched and I noticed that very few guys ever approached me. The ones who did would walk away at the site of the Somalian men and quickly apologize for looking at me. As my roommate said, "No one messes with the Somalians. No one." LOL


Matt said...

I think they turned away, not because of the Somalians, but because they looked into your eyes and realized that they were mere seconds away from being kicked in the nuts.

Frenchie said...

ROTFL...dead. Touche. maybe the Somalians need to hire Haitians to guard those pirates

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