Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Black Travel Blogger Shows Me Some Love


I love Twitter!! You can find information on anything, discuss any topic, and talk to anyone on Twitter. I've literally read a passage in a book, found the author on Twitter, and discussed the meaning behind the passage for hours via tweets with her! I discovered another black blogger by the name of Fly Brother, also from Florida, on Twitter. Recently, he dedicated a podcast to black female bloggers and gave my blog a shout out! Have a listen below and make sure to check out his blog!

After listening to his podcast and discussing various topics with other black people in Egypt and on Twitter, there are several topics that I really want to blog about after my midterms are completed this week. Here's a heads up on some of them : Afrocentricity in relation to Egypt, the Nubians/ Nubia, looking "Egyptian" or "passing" for Egyptian, the global influence of rap music, long distance relationships, etc...keep an eye out for these post in the upcoming weeks !


Eclectic Soul said...

I am traveling to Nigeria in a couple of weeks, and I have 13-hour layovers in Cairo each way. Do you have any suggestions for things that I can do near the airport for that short period of time?

Frenchie said...

Hi Eclectic!

i'm really happy you are enjoying my posts! Unfortunately, Cairo is so busy that 13 hours isn't much time to do and see much. I think your best bet would be the Egyptian Museum downtown since the pyramids are so far from the airport. The Museum has priceless artifacts and you can wander in it for hours w/o seeing everything! Afterward, you can grab a cup of coffee os smoke some shisha at any of the downtown cafe's.

Eclectic Soul said...

Thanks. Do you have any recommendations for a tourguide or tour company that will pick me up from the airport, show me the museum and other sites, and take me back to the airport?

Frenchie said...

I haven't used any but TripAdvisor.com may be of help in this category. just be mindful of your time and don't try to do too much!

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