Sunday, March 7, 2010

Got my Herrr and Toes Did!!


 I am not natural nor am I a slave to the "creamy crack". (for a brief synopsis of black women's hair care and terminology click here) I usually let my hair grow wild while stretching, and then perm (relax) it after several months. While in Cairo, I brought all my hair care products with me.  
My goal is to stretch until August so I've decided to keep it braided. Thus far, I've had very few issues with my personal hair care regimen or with maintaining length. Today was my second time getting cornrows while in Cairo. It's easy to find a salon to straightened the black out of your hair or buy creamy crack in Cairo but there aren't any salons that I know of here that cater to "African" hair care. Fortunately, amongst the African expats and refugees living here, one can find a girl that braids or relaxes with little problem. A sweet Nigerian med-school student from Pakistan has been braiding my hair. I haven't been able to find weave here either. The Nigerians usually bring it from Nigeria with them and sell it to their clients. I've asked my cousin in Brooklyn to send me a a few packs of kankalon so that I can save money by not having to purchase weave for my cornrows.

For more on my hair care journey and regimen, you can visit my page on Hairlista here

My product haul. I brought all this with me, in multiples lol

I also went to La Villa in Dokki. The spa/salon was a much needed reprieve. It's owned and operated by a nice Frenchmen who employs a multicultural staff. The decor was quirky and chic. The service was excellent!! My friend and I relaxed and flipped through French Vogue while our feel soaked luxuriously in rose petal water. As our feet were being attended to during our pedicures, a waiter brought us the best lemon/mojito drinks I've ever had. The young lady also expertly threaded my eyebrows. My friend got a manicure. It looked really nice. We left feeling pampered and pretty! I can't wait to go back :)

The prices:

Pedicure: 40 LE (about $8)
Manicure: 40 LE 
Threading: 25 LE (about $5)

Update: Tips on keeping your hair healthy while braided:

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