Saturday, March 6, 2010

I'm on a Boat!


Last night, I went on a midnight yacht ride down the Nile with a group of AUC students. I  had a blast! Initially, we were supposed to only have a falookah ride but my classmate's uncle rented the yacht for us. Cruising down the Nile, looking up at the night skies with Cairo laid out before you is, as my friend Russ would say, straight money (money=dirty=awesome). I had a great time!

Before everyone else had arrived, I waltzed into the Four Seasons Hotel on the Nile and directed myself to their rooftop swimming pool. The indoor/outdoor pool there is a gorgeous, a cabana style oasis. I ended up inviting myself to relax by the pool for half an hour until everyone else arrived. I'd highly recommend the Four Seasons Hotel just from the looks of their lobby and pool lol. I wonder if I can go swimming there...

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