Tuesday, March 9, 2010

World Vision Report - Week of February 13, 2010 - "Too Poor to Marry"


World Vision Report - Week of February 13, 2010 - Too Poor to Marry cclink link to here report

I came across this WVR discussing how many Egyptians could no longer afford to get married. What I found most interesting about the report is that it interviewed young, single Egyptian men. The streets outside my apartment are always lined with men just hanging around at all hours of the day, watching football matches, smoking hookah, and doing odd jobs for money. In the report, some of these men discuss their frustrations with the economy, sexual constraints, and finances. I imagine a lot of these frustrations combined with the high unemployment lead to the prevalence of sexual harassment in the street. While I do not condone sexual harassment, it was important for me to recognize the perspective of the frustrated young men.

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