Thursday, April 1, 2010



I've returned from Dahab after growing tired of beach-bumming. 9 hours from the congestion of Cairo, Dahab is relaxed and quiet. When we first arrived at the bus station, several guys were lined up to offer us rides to our hotel. The ride from the bus terminal to the city should cost no more than 10 EGP. My friend had book a room for us at the Mohammad Ali Hotel (★) right on the board walk. In reality, M. Ali was little more than a hostel. The rooms were sparse but the staff was nice.  For 30 EGP you can get a single with no shower or for 90-100 EGP you can get a double with a shower. We soon found out that taking a shower was no different than taking a dip in the ocean since both have salt water in abundance. 

Dahab doesn't really have a sandy beach like Nuweiba, only rocks along the shore which makes beach-bumming quite difficult. Every spot of rock or dribble of sand is occupied by the restaurants on the strip. Each offering visitors beach chairs to recline in for as long as you like as long as you order from the menu. What Dahab lacks in beach it makes for in coral reefs. Unlike the coral in Florida, the coral in Dahab is mesmerizing! (I'm sorry, my camera doesn't work underwater so no pics!) All shapes and sizes of fishes swim in schools around you. The coral clammered with life as it shown vibrant shades of orange, blue, and pink all around. You can get diving or scuba gear for around 40 EGP

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It's beautiful!

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