Monday, May 24, 2010

Black in Cairo is in Greece!


Now that I أتكلم العربية قليلا...I'm in Greece for some R&R!!! You know I have to travel first class just to change the forecast! Don't worry, I bought a round trip ticket so that I wouldn't be tempted to sit on a beach in short-shorts and stuff my face with bacon without being harassed for the rest of the summer! I brought a copy of the Qu'ran and Children of the Alley, a novel by acclaimed Egyptian author Naquib Mahfouz, as leisure reading. Once I'm done with both in English, I plan to (spend the entire summer) rereading them in Arabic.  I will also be Couch Surfing for the first time  so if I'm not back by my birthday, May 31st, notify the authorities and looking forward to the experience. 
There will be some exciting new changes when I come back to Cairo: I'm  moving from Downtown to Maadi, a quiet area of Cairo populated by foreign workers and their families! I found an amazing apartment and I will have 2 new roommates. I will definitely miss my old roommates. Their Cairo street-smarts, patience, and dry senses of humor truly helped me navigate so many unfamiliar or difficult situations. 2) I'll begin the research portion of my time abroad before continuing Arabic classes in July. I expect that this will bring a unique set of challenges and achievements.

For the time being, I'd like to leave you with a few photos. The other day, I had the pleasure of accompanying my roommate and her co-workers to her boss's apartment. The apartment had a awe-inspiring view of the pyramids. We watched the sunset and took some amazing pictures:


Matt said...

When you put up pictures like these it makes it hard to believe that you are having anything but an amazing time.

Definitely have on my jealous face right now.

Anonymous said...

who has the locs....send tab the digits

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures and enjoy Greece. I'm looking forward to staying at the pyramids for a month next summer. Hopefully, our paths will cross at Carrefour in maadi :-)


Sicily said...

أدرس اللغة العربية في الولايات المتحدة. هل أنت من أصل إفريقية؟

Sicily said...

i hope your enjoying greece, if you ever need to talk to other black women while you're abroad i recommend this site:
there are bw from all over and you can posts/vent your frustrations about being harassed and talk with other bw about your experience in cairo.

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