Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Egypt's Relaxing the 30 year old Emergency Law


It looks like the constant civil unrest that's been filling the streets of Cairo has caused the government to react in a positive way! According to Al Jazeera, Egypt is relaxing the state of emergency law that has been in place since President Sadat was assassinated 29 years ago. The law gave broad allowances to the police and military to break up public demonstrations, detain people without charges or evidence, and conduct searches without judicial approval. The law will now only apply to suspected cases of terrorism and drug trafficking...Congratulations Egyptians on fighting for your freedoms! More on this breaking announcement here

6/7/2010 Update: According to Huffington Post, Despite claims that it curtailed the powers of the emergency law and would restrict its use to cases of terrorism and drug trafficking, the Egyptian Government quickly demonstrated that this is not really the case. Less than two weeks after its extension, the Egyptian government arrested eight people under emergency law, for collecting signatures to call for electoral reforms

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