Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Happy Haitian Flag Day from Cairo!


Today is Haitian Flag Day!! Haitian's everywhere will be displaying their flags at any venue possible or wearing them as decoration! Parades and parties will line the streets from Port-au-Prince to Little Haiti, Miami to Flat Bush, NYC. 5 months after the devastating quake, the Haitian flag continues to be a symbol of pride and resilience for Haitians in Haiti and abroad. I hung my flag from my balcony and it's been a great conversation piece for my neighbors all morning. As of right now, I may be the only Haitian in Cairo. There was another young lady here working for AP but she left after the quake to cover the news in Haiti so I have to hold it down on my own.

The Haitian flag was famously created when revolutionary leader Jean-Jacques Dessalines ripped the white portion from a French Flag and united the blue and red to symbolize the union between the black and mulatto rebels against the French colonial army. For more on the Haitian flag's history and it's transitions, please visit this site: http://www.haitiantreasures.com/HT_haitian_flag.day1.htm

Ayiti pap jem mouri (Haiti will never die).

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