Wednesday, May 12, 2010

La Rose Spa


Last week, one of my classmates was devastated after breaking up with her boyfriend. Knowing how important it is to feel good about yourself and release the built up tension during a time like this, I invited her and a few other girls out for a Girl's Day in order to pamper ourselves. I'd read about hammam's in a story about an Iranian girl and I took this as an oppurtunity to try one. I made reservations at La Rose Spa and we each got our respective services- 2 La Rose Baths, 1 hair cut, 2 mani's and pedi's.

The La Rose Bath combines a Moroccan hammam with a moisturizing session. After I'd changed into my bikini, I was taken into a private steam room where the Spa employee applied a scrub to my entire body and let me lay in the steam room for 30 minutes of steaming to soften my skin and unclog my pores. Following that, she washed the scrub off my body and began the process of removing the dead skin and dirt from my skin. I was shocked to see layers of black clumps of dead skin literally being washed away! My first thought was of how ashamed my mother would be to know that someone else had seen me so "dirty"! I felt like a  5 year old again being bathed by my mother in the bathtub.

After removing the dead skin from my entire body, including my face and posterior, she washed my body with scented water. She then washed my hair and massaged my scalp with a rose scented shampoo, an odd sensation since no one else has washed my hair since I've been here. She applied some cream to my hair and clipped my hair up. Body scrub was again rubbed unto my entire body and a face mask was applied to my face to moisturize it. The attendant left the room and turned on the steam for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, she returned to wash my body and hair again. Finally, she massaged my entire body with rose scented oils. By the time she wrapped my newly clean hair and body in a towel and guided me to a lounge chair, I was absolutely content! Looking over at my friend who'd also just finished her La Rose Bath, I saw that her grinning face and dazed expression reflected my own.

The entire  process lasted an hour and 15 minute and cost 275 LE. To my surprise, the cream she'd applied to my hair left my hair feeling soft and it didn't tangle as it air dried. The package was supposed to include tea and sweets afterward as we relaxed but, unfortunately, none were offered to us. My friends raved about their mani's and pedi's (65 LE). In spite of everything else, I wasn't a fan of the haircut that one girl received. It was a blunt cut without any body or style. Also, it's important to note that men are not allowed into La Rose Spa. Without my knowledge, one of the young ladies had invited 3 guys to accompany us to get haircuts. They were immediately. They were turned away at the door by the bowab.

Overall, as my first time at any spa, the experience left me blissful for the rest of the afternoon. My friends kept commenting on how soft and glowing my skin was! I will definitely return to La Rose for another La Rose Bath before I leave Cairo.

La Rose Spa

58 Geziert El Arab St., suit 1 ,

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