Friday, May 21, 2010

Some Words of Wisdom


A Twitter conversation with my friend in China and another in Dubai left me with a few gems to ponder on in regards to black travelers. Although this is a topic I'd like to explore more in depth at a later date,  for now here are a few quotables:


@FranceinCairo We had a white dude from South Africa here for a while. It was really funny going out with him. "I'm African. He's American."
Avatar_normalJapanNewbie It's so bizarre when I tell people I'm American, and they say, "What?? How can you be American!?"#NotManyBlackAmericansAroundHere

 I'd like to leave you with the words of Elon James White (who is know following me on Twitter! *swoon*) to reflect on the meaning of blackness, et al.:

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Viajera said...

The "How can you be American" cracks me up. So did a comment from an Indian man in Dublin who told me, "I didn't know they had black people in Canada".

One can only speculate about what kind of rock some people live under. ;)

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