Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Thai Elephant Restaurant


Saturday evening, my roommates and I had dinner at the Thai Elephant (★★★) in Zamalek. I'd been to the rooftop bar next door that served Thai Elephant's food and found the service and food so forgettable that I never bothered to blog about it so I wasn't really looking forward to the restaurant. When we walked in, the restaurant was clean and decorated in an understated Asian theme. The waiter quickly seated us and brought water, the menus, and eggrolls. The food was moderately price between 40-60 LE)
For some reason, I was clumsier than a tomboy in stilletos that evening. I managed to drop everything I picked up to eat at least once lol. We started off with an appetizer, shrimp spring rolls before getting into the main course. The rolls tasted a bit like minty grass to me but my vegetarian roommates loved them. 
The waiter was surprisingly prompt our main courses. As usual, when I dine at Thai restaurants, I was unable to decide what to order because everything sounded so tasty. I settled for a Shrimp Noodles and was a bit disappointed. The dish was just un-exceptional with very little jumbo shrimp.

My roommates had the Curried Mussel and the Vegetarian Red Curry w/ Jasmine rice. Both raved about their dinner. I did try the mussel and it was everything I wish my dish had been- delicious! My other roommate enjoyed her curry so much she barely spoke to us between bites!

vegetarian tofu       

       Curried Mussels


Afterward, we walked to Al-Koudeir  and enjoyed  ice cream for   dessert. They had a scrumptious looking display of cakes and pastries! I wanted to try some of everything but it took me so long to pick out a flavor of ice cream (caramel) that I decided not to try to decide between the cakes, also!

Nile Zamalek Hotel, 21 El Maahad El Swesry St. Sedqy Sq.
27350220, 27351846


Anonymous said...

'I was clumsier than a tomboy in stilletos that evening.'

Really homie...Really?

Frenchie said...

lol Tab, do you feel judged?!

Anonymous said...

Dude I am not a tomboy, and best believe I can work some heels. Don't let the short hair fool ya! :)

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