Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hip Hop Connection at El-Sawy Culture Wheel


I came down hard on rappers the other day but, like most people, I have a love/hate relationship with hip hop. I love the self-assuredness, the resilience, the beats, the brutal honesty, and the lyrical genius that makes itself evident in the art form. On the other hand, I hate the misogyny, the violence, the materialism, and the lack of accountability that plagues mainstream rap. This past Saturday, we attended the Hip Hop Connection concert at the Culture Wheel. The concert was advertised as a spicy musical experiment that counts on the inter-cultural bonds created by common forms of artistic expression. Five Hip Hop groups from four countries across the Euro-Mediterranean exchange their styles and ideas about Hip Hop in search of common grounds. Hip Hop Connection presented the outcome of this experiment in a joined performance. Featuring: Y-Crew (Egypt), Les Gourmets (France), the Berlin Allstars (Germany) and Ayben (Turkey). Hip hop in its purest form spoken in Turkish, French, Arabic, English and German- gotta love it! I was pleasantly surprised by the sheer talent of the performers. Their lyrical talent and energy captivated the crowd even when we didn't understand what they were saying!

Hip-hop lovers in Cairo:

A video clip of Turkish rapper Ayben freestyling to a Busta Rhymes fiyyah!

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ohradiogirl said...

It was a nice show; enjoyable.

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