Friday, June 18, 2010

Lakers-83, Celtics-79...Heartbreak


I'm going to pause from my usual pontificating to describe my pain at witness the Celtics lose in such a close game during today's NBA Finals. I'd be the first to admit that I'm no die-hard sports fan. I inherited my love for the game of futbol from watching obligatory Sunday afternoon matches on UniVision with my father as a child. I've accepted that being Haitian means I must love futbol like I love freedom. Heck, we can scarcely have one without the other! All I know about basketball, admittedly, I learned from the rants of my ex-boyfriend during the 2009 NBA Playoffs that became his mistress.

With the World Cup underway and all of Cairo covered in World Cup paraphernalia, I've been sucked into the spirit of sportsmanship! When my Celtics-loving friends suggested we stay up to watch the NBA Finals at 4 a.m., I was more than happy to oblige. I crawled out of bed at 3 a.m. and we made our way to Sports, a sports-themed lounge, in Mohandasseen. The place was almost empty at that early morning hour so the staff at Sports was happy to put the game on all the flat screen TV's for us. Surprisingly, Sports did not have a liquor license or a bar but they did have plenty of good food and sheesha. I order hot wings which were surprisingly good. They even had BBQ sauce, a rare condiment in Cairo. The wait-staff was friendly and helpful, consistently asking us if we needed anything and making sure we were comfortable.

My friends and I were outnumbered by the Lakers fans present but we steadfastly held on to our belief that the Celtics would win and our hatred of Kobe (It should be noted that I'm not even certain as to why I dislike Kobe. My ex-boyfriend had conditioned me to equate Kobe with an evil unparalleled. Thus, I unquestionably hold on to the belief that he is b*tcha**ness incarnate). I was just as surprised as my friends to see how I enamored I became with the game. I cheered the Celtics on and argued with the TV about every call the referee's made against the Celtics. I didn't even exhale  during the last 1:45 seconds of the game! When the Lakers won, I was crushed. I went home at 8 a.m. with the weight of that loss heavy on my chest and my head hung low...This, this feeling of defeat and hopelessness that comes with watching your team lose, is the reason I am not a sports fanatic. I can't deal with the emotional roller-coaster, the constant threat of heartbreak!
 Sigh, now I'm depending on Brazil* to win the World Cup and redeem us!

leaving Sports at 8am
Sports Cafe
37, El Batal Ahmed Abdel Aziz St.
3345 8425/8426/8427

SideNote: I'd like to thank all my Twitter followers,blog readers, and those who've commented on my TWiB article  for being consistently supportive of me and offering me constructive criticism when necessary. Your comments, questions, and concerns are greatly appreciated and well received! 
*Also, thanks to FlyBrother for the link to the documentary on the Brazilian soccer team visiting Haiti! Go Brazil!!!!


Anonymous said...

lakers won i guess i predicted right. my pal in jamaica won't like it but he's gotta face the facts. about you hatting on Kobe, might have something to do with his reputation. don't let one man change your stand! tottles. nice blog

VegasSeven said...

Michael Jordan had an incredible ability not to say or do anything that tarnished his image. And all other great players are held to standard now or will become villainized (is that a word? lol). Who knows how Michael would have acted if he was fighting to put a championship team around him or was on the same team as Shaq. But yes, for some reason, I can't stand Kobe either. It's that grin on his face. But it's funny, many other players in the NBA also rarely smiled but we never hated them. Perhaps they never won as much as Kobe, such as Larry Bird.

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