Friday, June 25, 2010

Ode to the Porcelain gods...


I'm pounding on the door, "Jess, I need to use the bathroom!"
"I'm in the shower, can it wait?"
"No, I need to use it NOW"
"Ok, just come in"
"No, you need to get out!"
"oh....OHHH. G*ddammit Frenchie"
(uncontrolled laughter from my other roommate)
I'm hopping from one leg to the other, "Don't make me laugh! please!"
After what feels like an eternity, Jess unlocks the door,dripping wet, and glares at me before bursting into giggles. I run past her and make it to the toilet just in time!

This is how I spent my Wednesday and Thursday, alternating between being curled up in a ball in bed, stomach in knots, and praying to the porcelain gods from both orifices. Ah, food poisoning, it's a right of passage for most travelers. Somehow, I've managed to avoid it for months now. Most people I know succumbed to food poisoning as soon as they arrived in Egypt but I thought I had a system that kept me safe. I didn't eat food from street vendors and always checked the expiration date on everything I purchased. Halas, a shish tawook from my favorite Egyptian fast food restaurant, Kazaz, did it to me...Kazaz, how could you?! I've been a loyal customer for so long and this is how you treat me?! I thought we had something special! I've even bragged about you to my friends. I loved you so much I was willing to share you with others as long as you'd stay in my life! It will never be the same between us...

I called the pharmacy and they delivered some medicine to me. In case you ever need it, the Arabic word for food poisoning is  Tassamom...Now, if you'll excuse me, I gotta go!

Update 7/1/2010: Apparently, this sickness is referred to as Pharaoh's Revenge. Mara in Egypt has a great post with advice for dealing with this case of food poisoning in Egypt.


SD said...


Balanced Melting Pot said...

Feel better soon! Love the new layout, btw.

Vera B. said...

Kazaz turned on you now you'll haft to find another place to eat. Hopefully your friends didn't get sick when they ate there.

Frenchie said...

shukran! Thanks guys, I'm feeling a little better

Matt said...

In those situations (and I have been there far too many times) I find that a bucket on the lap while sitting on the john is the best approach. Oh memories.

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