Friday, July 9, 2010

Cuba Cabana


the outdoor seating area of Cuba Cabana
one of the inside tables
the entrance to the indoor Restaurant

When I recovered from food poisoning, my roommates and I went to Cuba Cabana in Maadi for my first meal! It took me so long to blog about it because, although the decor was nice, the food was simply bland and forgettable. Even the Chicken Ceaser my roommate had managed to be tasteless. The menu was what I imagine Egyptians think Cuban/Hispanic food is with an Egyptian spin. No arroz con pollo in sight but there were tortillas and pasta dishes.On a more positive note, the restaurant itself looked very nice. The outdoor area was designed to look like a lush, tropical paradise with hanging foliage, comfortable wicker chairs and sofas, totem poles, and a small rock formation alongside a small steam in the center. A huge bar claimed one wall and shisha and fruit cocktails were freely dispensed as many of the guest watched the game on the flat screen TV outside. The decor inside contrasted with the Disney-like tropical look on the outside. Inside was decorated in dark purples in the art deco style furniture Egyptian restaurants like to us to signal how hip they are. 

Cuba Cabana ★ (2 stars for the decor and 1 star for the food) 
Address: 28 Rd. 7
Phone Number: 23783300
Area: Maadi

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Balanced Melting Pot said...

Do you ever take pictures of the dishes you order? I always feel self-conscious about doing it here Caracas - afraid to get in trouble :-)

Frenchie said...

I usually do but after having food poisoning and not being able to hold anything down for days, I was so famished that day that I snapped these pics as an afterthought. I forgot all about taking pics of the food!

Farah Fanciful said...

I love your blog. It's so insightful. It takes my imagination on journeys I'd only ever imagined. Thanks for sharing your adventures.

Frenchie said...

Farah, im elated that u enjoy reading it s much as I enjoy writing it! thanks so much!

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