Friday, July 2, 2010

Egyptian Women Fight Harassment


A few weeks ago, I was returning home in a cab. As I exited the cab, the driver turned, pretending to open the door for me and tried to reach his hand up my thigh. Furious, I pushed his hand away, cursed him, and quickly left the cab. In the U.S., I would've taken his cab number and filed a report with the cab company and the police. In Egypt, the cabs are not regulated by any company and the police don't take sexual harrasment seriously. In another incident, a police guard outside of a government building paused from reading his Qur'an to make lewd comments at my friend and I as we walked by. Yet another time, I was in an elevator with a man when he tried to lean over and kiss me. I've had so many incidents like these that sexual harrasment in Egypt seems as common as the daily Call to Prayer. Here is a video discussing what Egyptian woman are doing to deal with it:

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