Friday, July 23, 2010

Nominate Black in Cairo for a Black Weblog Award! Contest ends July 25!!!


Hey guys,

If you love this blog and appreciate its insight, or if you just like looking at the pictures and wondering when I'm coming home, please take a moment to nominate Black in Cairo ( for Best Travel Blog and Best New Blog categories using this quick nomination page: CONTEST ENDS JULY 25TH so don't delay!

Run and tell your friends-all of them- to do so as well :)

Merci! Shukran!


Jai said...

Hi, I just found you're blog today and literally read it from your first post to todays post...which is probally the most I've read all summer xD

Anyways, I'm a black teen who will be applying for a scholarship to go Egypt for junior year and can't express how helpful this blog has been especially since I'm a girl (even though some of the harassment and racism posts scare the sh*t out of me lol). Wow I kind of wrote a lot haha guess I just wanted to say you're blog is great, keep writing!

Frenchie said...

Thanks so much Jai! good luck on your scholarship application and I hope you keep reading :)

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