Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Throw It In the Bag!


I've slowly discovered new places to shop around Cairo. Currently, many of the sotres in City Star and City Centre malls are having 50% off summer sales. Of course, the Egyptian stores are always cheaper and have a more unique styles but the mall does have a familiar quality that's the same in any country. An HM is an H&M whether its in Cairo or California. Some pics from the City Centre Mall and some of my latest shoe finds:

*I had to take a picture of that Lapland shirt. The irony was priceless

In the News:


Beth E. said...

Awesome news! I've got two weeks left here and I definitely want to buy some new clothes before leaving. I've been the City Star mall but really want to hit up the more local stores. I am living in Maadi but will probably head downtown before I leave. Any recommendations for either place?

And I really appreciated your cab post. I recently have begun taking a cab every day to work and have been extremely blessed not to have a bad experience like you have. Of course, since reading your post I've been way careful.

Frenchie said...

Hey beth!

If you want to sample the local styles, Maadi Grand Mall has plenty of Egyptian stores. Maadi is best known for its small shops and boutiques though. You can't wander around without seeing a few! Downtown has a street filled with shops that I used to frequent when I lived there. I'll have to ask an Egyptian friend for the name of it and get back to you!

Frenchie said...

I believe the name of the street downtown is Asr el nile. You cant miss it, there is a huge statue n the center of the roundabout there. it's very close to the Egyptian museum.

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