Monday, August 2, 2010

Pictures from Every Day Egypt


the overflow from Friday prayer in the park outside the mosque in my neighborhood

It is common to see men stop to pray in what ever space is available. here are some outside a shop

huge homes in the newly built suburbs of New Cairo loom imposing,expensive, empty and  uninviting. few people can actually afford to live in this new suburb yet

these old city buses creak along with everybody piled in for the ride!

Often an entire family piles up on 1 motorcycle; always makes me smile

Makeshift fruitstand in the downtown area line every street corner and alley

the juice man in Maadi suburbs! delicious fresh fruits and fruit juice are always in supply in Cairo!

across the Nile from Maadi. almost every builidng in the city maintains it's dull grey, cinder-block colour complemented layers of dusts years old

Inside the woman's cart when its not crowded. Here you can see the women and their children and the variations of burqa and niqab styles Egyptian women where on their head

the metro

Cairo streets are lined with trash everywhere. few trash cans in the city and public trash pick almost 
nonexistent. The smell can be ghastly 
one of the many neighborhood mosques and black taxi zooms by
the window of Egyptian shoe stores can be both tantalizing and overwhelming
Young boys can often be found doing hard labor to make money
at night, this average neighborhood is transformed into a bustling sooq (market)

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Balanced Melting Pot said...

I voted! May the best travel blog win (and it better be you). Good luck!

Are you going to continue blogging while in Haiti? Are you going there for work or a visit?

mina said...

Congrats! These pictures are a really good representation of Cairo. I didn't get a chance to go in the women's only cab, so that was neat to see.

villa denia said...

Thanks for the information..I really like your post..The pics are really awesome..I appreciate your work..

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